The myth of a self hating society

It seems that everyone experiences aspects of bullying throughout their life from heartbreaking name calling to full frontal abuse. It seems that in this day and age it's a right of passage that everyone goes through because we are a cruel society that believes there is such a thing as 'perfection'. We throw around words [...]

Who the hell am I?

My mind is again playing tricks on me, not like the normal tricks where you walk upstairs and completely lose thought of why you bothered to come up, once you hit that bottom step it hits you and you have to do that crazy run just not to forget again. Not like those mind tricks [...]

We Can Empower 

March 8th, It's international women's day. A day of all days where women should feel empowered, strong and successful. A day where fighting for equal rights becomes noticed by everyone all over the world especially on social media where every news feed will be filled with quotes, images and unity that is spread across the [...]

Perfection: What the hell

I'm all for boosting body types and finally making curvy ladies and gents feel sexy, beautiful and confident in all walks of life including in the spotlight again. As we know and read every single day the general 'perfection' look is an hourglass figure, the skinny girls and muscular men plastered from magazine pages to [...]

Generation Of Sadness; And so it continues.

I know I've written a post about Generation of sadness before but again I feel the need to highlight that mental health issues aren't just something adults struggle through although one in six adults suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime.615 million people suffer from anxiety and depression which rose to this outrageous number in 2013. [...]

Exploring Malta

On Tuesday 11th October 2016, we started our adventure to Malta. My first holiday in about four years and one I have been counting down for the past few months.Which was also our first holiday together ( a well deserved one).  It all started with an early morning drive to the airport where we saw [...]