The myth of a self hating society

It seems that everyone experiences aspects of bullying throughout their life from heartbreaking name calling to full frontal abuse. It seems that in this day and age it’s a right of passage that everyone goes through because we are a cruel society that believes there is such a thing as ‘perfection’. We throw around words such as stupid, fat, f-ugly, skank, slut and much more without a passing thought. We are told to kill ourselves by people that don’t even know who we really are, we are told that we aren’t good enough but who aren’t we good enough for. We are told many heartbreaking things that ruin our self-esteem, self-love, and confidence to be around people or even look through a mirror at the person that is growing to believe the things that we are told about ourselves. We take to bringing ourselves down because being torn down by everyone else isn’t enough for the society that believes in trolls and cyberbullying. Where leaving horrible comments on someone’s pictures isn’t an issue for the 21st-century generation, we rate out of 10 in every aspect of our lives and a chance at perfection that doesn’t exist because no matter where we are in life, how beautiful we are or what we are achieving, it’ll never be good enough.

Thinking about this I decided to put together a few photos that I think explains this generation and the self-hate our society is drilling into pretty much everyone’s mind. I have got a few ideas from “Do Something” ( a website full of campaigns to boost realisations about many causes that many teens face every single day; such as bullying.) Although this is to boost awareness of safe places and people that are able to help I want to give awareness to many people that have no idea that young adults, teenagers and even younger have issues with the way they look, ruining their self-confidence and potentially leading to anxiety and mental health issues in the future. I have produced a photoset with my boyfriend who has also dealt with self-confidence issues and bullying throughout his life. The aim of this photo set is to make sure people understand that society is ruining self-confidence and esteem in many different ways, we are surrounded by ideas of perfection and if you aren’t a perfect size with flawless skin you aren’t the way you “should” be, you’re either too skinner or too fat.

I have used a few people’s quotes about their experiences within the school environment and what half-witted joke really hit them. Bringing them into a self-hating mindset.I’ve also thought about a photo set I’ve seen splashed over social media about body confidence and bullying which I think strongly about. Believing strongly in hating the society we have become I have produced photo sets that I think represents mine and many others attitude to society as well as expressing our feelings with ourselves including loneliness, imperfection, bullying, darkness, glitching ( a loss of who you are) and fading out of society.  These photos are all dark and represent my thoughts of depression or mental health issues that we all experience throughout our lives.

F__K societyworld on my shouldersAloneSurrounded by slures

Blurry eyedFading AwayIMG_162



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