We Can Empower 

March 8th, It’s international women’s day. A day of all days where women should feel empowered, strong and successful. A day where fighting for equal rights becomes noticed by everyone all over the world especially on social media where every news feed will be filled with quotes, images and unity that is spread across the world within seconds. Although there should be no need to have a women’s day because we should be all equal, we having grown as a society to understand everyone no matter their gender has the power to succeed and become who they want. This isn’t the case and unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

We live in a world where women and men are treated differently, where in some places women get fewer wages to do the same job or are raised in a way they are forced to believe beauty is the most important part of their life. That makeup and clothes are the only things they should be focused on. We are told that we can’t do something because we aren’t strong enough because we are women. This is why we need a women’s day so we can teach the new generation of amazing women that you can be beautiful, powerful and smart. You can do anything you put your mind too, you can succeed because you are a woman.

Today, I feel empowered because I know there is a unity to express how inspirational, successful , beautiful and smart women are in everyday life. I hope in the near future, we can become a society that empowers everybody to show that everyone can be beautiful, successful, smart and powerful every single day. I’ve learnt today that there are many women and men who inspire and empower me to achieve in anything that I hope. I’ve seen so many people show how proud, empowered and inspired by women they are. Telling the world their mothers, sisters, wives and friends are truly amazing every single day, but today is the only day we truly sit and reflect on how inspirational women really are. 


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