Generation Of Sadness; And so it continues.

I know I’ve written a post about Generation of sadness before but again I feel the need to highlight that mental health issues aren’t just something adults struggle through although one in six adults suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime.615 million people suffer from anxiety and depression which rose to this outrageous number in 2013. Proving that many people of all ages suffer from mental health problems and maybe we should start recognising these problems as a reality and not just some bad dream that was thought up by ‘attention seekers’ who aren’t diving into a battle every time they wake up until the moment they fall asleep to a place where they can finally rest. Hopefully, over the past few months/years, we are finally coming round to the idea that the world is going to push even the strongest to the very edge and it’s more common than anyone truly believes. We as a society are secretive about our own problems for the simple reason we can’t trust anyone, leaving us silently struggling until breaking point.( Well this is a sure fact for me.) As a human race, we decide that it’s a popular thing to have mental health issues it’s the new fashion accessory to be at breaking point, it’s infuriating to be honest because I struggle every day with getting out of bed in a mood that doesn’t keep me from the things I NEED to complete every single day to feel normal. It hurts me that people are thinking up these problems to try and get attention when people who are truly suffering without the help they need. Not doubting that the public struggles of mental health should be frowned upon and seen as attention seeking because this is a breakthrough and a way to comfort many people who are struggling, this brings us together in a way we’ve never realized before. Seen public outburst of people showing they have mental health issues helped me understand that I can talk about it too and it’s ok to not be ok. So we SHOULD embrace, comfort and help everyone in a way that proves we care about everyone’s mental health, is that possible?


What did surprise me, however, is the fact that One in Six children are rejected medical help for mental health issues according to NSPCC.This is confusing and pretty much heartbreaking fact that I can’t get my head around, how can we as a human race deny medical help to anyone, how can we tell someone as innocent as a child that we can not help them for reasons they won’t even understand or we can’t even justify. 4% of children in the UK have some kind of mental health issues between the ages of 5 and 16. This percentage would be much higher I’m sure if children could find, understand or even talk about what they are feeling or thinking without the possibility of being judged, misunderstood or doubted. Isn’t this proof enough that the 21st-century generation is set for sadness.We tease and compete in every aspect of our young lives for the simple chance of popularity and boosting self-esteem by dragging others down. Stuck in a whirlpool of constant oblivion between competition in our teenage years, between one another and the fear of growing up to face the life we so desire but not managing to make it. The years we are told are the best in our life, yet we spend them endlessly bickering between one another about shitty eyebrows and no contour, the inches we have or don’t Or being too fat or too thin. We talk about being body positive and ignoring society for all the stuff it makes us ALL feel about ourselves yet we are society, we are the judging things that tear people apart. We boost one body type by belittling the other.Is it human nature?  (I’m speaking from my own experience of course.)

The countless times, I’ve been told I’m too young to have stress and many times I’ve been told about parents telling their children these years are the best of their lives and they can’t possibly be sad or whatever negative they are feeling isn’t available for their age range. Baffling I agree, how can feelings have an age range I wonder, do we suddenly grow up and stumble across sadness or stress. We are in a world where positivity is far between and we struggle to inspire each other in a way we so desire and believe we can. But telling a vulnerable person to ‘get over it’  is something we do daily that belittles and confuses them to a point where they generally feel they are being attention seeking or guilty for feeling the way they do. We live in a place where the scariest of thoughts become a reality, the most sickening horror stories are a part of our everyday life it’s inevitable. The world is literally becoming a horror movie, we are surrounded by pain and devastation that we can’t seem to escape. We as a human race are failing, we are destroying each other to the point where we are forced to believe we can’t trust anyone and truly believe we will be better off alone. But every storm must end am I right?

And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made ut through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won’t be the same person who walked in. That’s what this storm’s all about.- Haruki Murakami,Kafkaon the Shore.

In the news recently, I read about improvements to mental health (don’t quote me on it) this really makes me happy because so many people are now suffering from some kind of mental health problem as the generations go by, whether it’s because self-esteem is dropping, the world is beginning to look like a place you only have yourself or we are born with demons that are meant to break us from the moment we started breathing. Reported rates of self-harm in both men and women of all ages have increased dramatically since 2007. We are becoming the world that HAS to notice mental health problems as a reality and not just some nightmare ploy.


 I know for a fact that there’s only you in the end so we shouldn’t bend backward for the people that wouldn’t even stretch their arm to benefit us.No one ever has it worse because unfortunately, it’s not relative to ourselves, we believe that many other people have it worse but how can we be sure when we haven’t felt what they are feeling or doing and they haven’t us. I learned that we can’t focus on other people’s stories in comparison  to our own because it’s frankly not relative to anyone else other than the one going through it, I learned this over the past view months as well as the fact that you have to be the reason to stand up and be productive every day, no one cares if you get out of bed or not other than you.

We need to embrace one another for who we are, what we do and the way we see the world. We should motivate and inspire one another in all aspects of life not meaning to sound corny and I know we don’t live in a fairy tale and they’ll be people that we’ll judge and definitely people who just don’t click with but why do we have to take ourselves down to a level where we feel the need to drop them to extreme self-esteem issues where love yourself doesn’t exist.


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