Exploring Malta

On Tuesday 11th October 2016, we started our adventure to Malta. My first holiday in about four years and one I have been counting down for the past few months.Which was also our first holiday together ( a well deserved one). 

It all started with an early morning drive to the airport where we saw UFOs, slow drivers and at one bit nothing but a white sheet of fog in front of us. Well maybe this is sleep deprivation that has something to do with the sightings but once we were off it all began to come real and the holiday lasted about a second, the time it takes you to blink and it was over. It was full of wonderful and trips. To the blue lagoon and Gozo where we tried new food, saw temples, learnt about sacrifice and saw a lot of beauty from the top of a hill. The blue lagoon was a lovely spot where we took a braving dare to swim into the sea, cutting feet and inhaling a lot of sea water. We stopped in a hotel in the middle of a shopping centre with a rooftop pool and it was genuinely was beautiful. We could lay by the pool and turn our head to see the beach, sea and boats. What a view it was.

I don’t want to write a page full of the day to day activities because I know I can’t write the beauty that I’ve seen, show I will just show you my happy snapper week.

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