Self-help, growth and building confidence- is there such a thing

How can we read about self-help, growth, and building confidence? Yet we sill stand in this iconic pool of self-hatred, consciousness, and low self-esteem. But what’s to be expected when we live in a society where we are suffocating in hyped celebrities and social media famous accounts that break our own thought of beauty. Our own definition of beauty is twisted into whatever edited glory we see throughout the day. Plastered on every billboard and shared massively over all social media channels. 

Unfortunately, I’m one of the humans that glorify the hyped beauty in celebrities and social media famous accounts.When I completely understand and even pride myself in knowing that celebrities may be beautiful but they spend hours with high priced and professional makeup artists, hairdressers and outfit designers working endlessly to create the flawless look we all fall in love with.Nevermind the cosmetic surgery that they can afford when they reach the age of baggy chins and wrinkled eyes. However, we don’t see that or even realise this unless deep in thought. We only see growing beauty and never a bad day ‘mug shots’ that generally makes our no motivation, can’t bother to look like a shamble of failures in the image we ‘need’ to keep. What on earth is the definition of beauty anyways? Over the past few years, eyebrows have got thicker, waists have always ‘had to’ be tiny and girls can’t leave the house without a plaster of makeup on their face.

However, we are stuck in a generation where no matter what someone wears, looks like or even has in their trouser pockets someone has something to say about it. We are constantly hating on each other, dragging one another down to make their ideal beauty a reality. But as many people say:

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder


So why do we care so much about what everyone says when we know that something that is beautiful is completely different to each and every person; the person who’s sat in the same room can find beauty in cars where as the person down the road will find beauty in the sky. It all depends on our love for life. What makes’s us smile and the mixture of colours that we so desire. Beauty doesn’t have a definition, not in anything, it’s all in who we are as individual viewing.

We care because we are human: they will always be someone who is smarter, prettier, and greater than yourself and we know this generally more than we care to believe bit this is one of the many reasons we compare ourselves at every given moment and every time we pass someone in the street. Even down to the clothes that they wear we decide need to be constantly checked to see if this is the appropriate thing. We can grow all of the above through little tasks that normally wouldn’t be possible, through telling yourself all the good things about yourself every day.



2 thoughts on “Self-help, growth and building confidence- is there such a thing

  1. I agree, it is so important to tell yourself about the good things about you. It is so easy to fall into criticizing others and finding fault with other people. We deflect the attention from ourselves. To see the good in others, we need to see the good in ourselves first. Love your post.


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