Rekinderling my love

Losing track of something that makes you so utterly happy is pretty breaking, especially if you have so little things that do. So I’m on a personal mission of rekindling, re-enlightening my passion, desire, and love for writing, photography and fighting my inner demons. My mission starts with 30 days of daily blogging through the December month. Taking photos every day to fit these, boost my Instagram and take every day like it’s the day before I travel. 


This personal mission takes off a great organisation which I excel at for the most part. The devotion and motivation are going to be a struggle as my head is a mess, a vortex of nothingness when my bad days strike at me out of nowhere.

So here’s how I plan on making it happen:

Throughout this month and the 30 days to follow I will be posting a range of different blogs from hard hitting topics such as teen depression to the sunrise and sunset around the world. Topics that give me a relief of the darkness within my mind and the creativity around my photography. However I’ve thought about my blog and the way I bring myself into all types of darkness when I’m writing, so I’ve had a little change of heart. I’m going to be the positive-est me I can possibly be, I will write a list of how to cope or deal with the events that follow teen depression.Instead of explaining the thoughts of hatred, death, and many forms crippling anxiety.

This is the change, discovery, and rekindling of admiring the beautiful. The way I see it, I will indeed need to find my motivation to keep a happy, positive thoughts flowing through me instead of what we are all used to thinking and reading within the expected amirethebeautiful URL. I believe I’m ready to finally train myself into being a more positive person. This was said on a good day however so maybe this is going to stab me in the back although when my motivation lapses.

Christmas markets are warm and cosy. They are perfect for photos and even better with beer.




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