The mixture of sadness and happiness 

Good days and bad days come and go as quickly as it takes the wind to change direction. It’s a simple one second procedure that can lead to days in the dark or days looking for rainbows.

A good day can lighten mood, empower and excite. It’s a place where you look for the happy and realise the gratitude. Where as a bad can be like walking through hell, everything remotely sad that has happened in your life or you’ve just seen on TV comes an hovers over your head. Where the song “Why does it always rain on me” becomes your life theme song and it’s generally believable that it’s about your life. And I only ever feel either side of the spectrum never both together it’s one extreme to the other (that’s what it seems like however) where I’m concerned anyway. It’s either good or bad. 

But I don’t believe there is only good days and bad days, where we have to decide which it is and stick to it. (no matter how it sounds ) I know there is many little sections of a persons life that can flip to either side of the spectrum. And many people have found a way to balance this in a way where they don’t have bad days and good days they just have days .. Days of laughing, crying, anger, shyness and any other emotion that springs to mind. I learnt this through the slightly tear jerking Disney movie inside out (check it out it’s pretty good) where to me we watched a girl hit rock bottom and seeming head for a mental health issue and what happens within that, all the things they love seem to disappear out of their head suddenly. 

I need to learn to put happy and sad together and be ok with that. Or just have days instead of good and bad. Not let certain things decide the outcome of my day. A lesson I need to understand to over come whatever is making me feel and think the things I do. 

But out of today I also learnt that chasing the moon is just as good as chasing the sun 

[Please excuse my lame and no good photos of the moon the poor iPhone quality messed up what I really saw, it was just a beautiful site to see and one I aim to share,here’s to taking the canon everywhere] 


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