Relaxation, Redue and Rethink

After a bad few days and a week long headache, I was glad to put my feet up and accept some  pampering. A birthday treat I got to tag along with for at the Mercure Sheffield St Paul’s Hotel And Spa.

Although last night was a night I’ve never been happier, I got to spend the night with the people closest to me, I spoke to strangers without any panics and even sent an item back by myself. I seem to be taking baby steps into the life I’m wanting to lead. Well that is until something hits me over like skittles in an aisle 

But today I got pampered and relax with massage, pedicures and steam rooms where all the stress I had built up over the past few months seemed to fade away and I came out lighter than I’ve ever been. It was a day that I didn’t expect, understand or think about but apparently that’s what I needed.

And I very much recommend the place for everything relaxing (the stairs did kill me though) It was posh and high standard I lovely design of sorted arrangements that made the place feel homely.

The smells and sounds instantly sent you into a coma of relaxation and the stress simply dripped away. We had a lovely back massage to the sounds of waves and I could have definitely fallen asleep.

A place I would definitely recommend.

  • Steam Room
  • Sauna
  • Aroma Room
  • Ice Lagoon
  • And a fancy show

To my next spa… Which hopefully will be sooner rather than later because I have a feeling Monday blues aren’t just an occasional thing I’ll have to deal with. I’m more of a tell myself what to do type.

To finish my short and confusing blog I want to share the lessons I’ve learnt today:

  • I’m grateful for everything in my life
  • I’m lucky to have the people I do (some more than others haha.)
  • I have more confidence that I think I do
  • I CAN do




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