The perfect pair

Many people confuse emotional with weak, a constant fear I have throughout my life. The fear of being ‘weak’ being easily hurt and unable to participate in the general conversation because I can’t be judged, can’t be seen as the pinority of weak minded people. 

I had this thought when I saw a quote about being emotional and weak having a crossing pass in life, a relationship when these are totally different things and it enfuiriates me that people link these two things as a pair.

Just because I cry doesn’t mean I’m weak , just because I get sad doesn’t mean you can take advantage of my ‘vulnerability’ and just because I’m emotional doesn’t mean I’m weak. 

It’s 22:43, I’m tired, stressed and emotional but never weak 

Don’t confuse emotional with weak. I’ll slit your throat with tears running down my face  sweetpea ”


One thought on “The perfect pair

  1. We have weakness, strength, sadness, happiness, apathy, enthusiasm many emotions, feelings and qualities. We all have the ability to be them all and more in different quantities and crying is quality that everyone should embrace.


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