The beauty of the day

After yesterday, I learnt a few things about inspiration and the whole background of that word. I learnt that it’s ok to not be  inspiring, a story is a story at the end of the day and that’s what life is about I guess. So not dwelling on the past, I want to start the new day with a new vision of idea/s. I like to think that a new day is a new start of building yourself, if yesterday brought rust and misshaped bricks that’s ok we can build up stronger and as a perfectionist if needs must we can completely whip out the day beforehand.

Although , I’m the type that commonly doesn’t believe and defiantly doesn’t understand or even think about a new start the next day. I carry my heat on my shoulders from one day to the next and nothing can budge this which is why I think I’m basically being a hypocrite for my above statement but I’m so desperately trying to think of my life as a new day new discovery type (yes on some days it’s harder than others). But a new discovery a day may just bring out the best type of awareness in myself a new found love or sudden realisation that my life isn’t that bad. 

So today I spent my day snuggling up with dogs, cats and animals of all kind. 


One thought on “The beauty of the day

  1. Cute doggies my preferred companions when the day is tough or even when the day is fantastic! I was inspired yesterday and wrote this on my FB page you may find it helpful. x
    Life happens, Joy happens, Love happens, Shit happens, Despair happens, Stress happens. Life happens.
    On good days, keep flowing, on bad days keep flowing. Nothing is ever stagnant even if it feels it is. Acceptance of the flow is the best way to get through the worse times, celebrating and banking the feelings from the best times is the way to prepare for those bad ass shitty times.

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