Effortless Oblivion

A theory of oblivion must start with what oblivion is, so here it is” the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one, the state of being forgotten , especially by the public and destruction or extinction of one and one’s surroundings. “

I believe that oblivion is inevitable like  many others in this world,


A book I can read again and again. So I’ll cry again and again, okay?

(Hazel Grace in particular where I learnt most of the information I have and cry buckets each time I watch it or even when I  read the book.) that the world we live in will become nothing but empty space. That no-one will be able to remember famous people nevermind every other person around the world. The sun will eventually eat the solar system and where earth used to be will be nothing more than black space. Earth started as nothing and it will indefinitely finish the same way.



I’m terrified of oblivion, scared I will become nothing more than dust and worm food. Scared I’ll be forgotten like many before me, that I’ll have no one to tell my story or even to listen and remember what amazing things I’ll have eventually accomplished throughout my life. I understand that it is inevitable but becoming nothing is a scary thought and it constantly plays on my mind like a broken record when I see my life as s*it when really it’s not as bad as it all seems I’m overreacting to the constant belittlement in my head.

Raise a glass for oblivion 

However, I feel oblivion is just a part that life will become.The world will eventually end the same as everything else it’s just a matter. But I don’t fully understand a theory of oblivion which is why I’m turning to my holiday book (39 Days and counting!) ‘A General Theory Of Oblivion’ which I can not wait to dive into by the pool, “José Eduardo Agualusa’s A General Theory Of Oblivion begins on the eve of Angolan independence and tells the story of Ludo, an exiled Portuguese who, alarmed by events, bricks herself into her apartment and stays there till it’s all over, 28 years later.” [ found from The Independent : Link above ] 

The Fault In Our Stars : A beautiful story of a young couple slowly falling in love with each other and their little infinity of a journey. A teen struggles with cancer. It’s one of the most heartfelt books and films I’ve ever read/seen and somehow I manage to cry every single time. Trust me it’s worth it. Book. Film.

A General Theory Of Oblivion : (I’ll tell you in 39 days) But I will say this I have judged a book by a cover and I am extremely in love with the look of this look and so desperately hope the cover matches the writing.



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