Best of finding myself – Week One

Taking  a look back over my first week of 30 days of blogging and I feel that the ninth day point is the perfect place to look back at the blogs I’ve published over this period of time. 

  1. The Tao of finding myself  _  “I so long to leap feet first in to adventure, seeing the world in any means possible. I have the idea to chase the summer around the world and live in a bikini for as long as it’s OK to do so.” 
    The discovery into my traveling mind and a simple way I’m going to find myself while I’m still in a battle with my own mind.
  2. The Story of me and photography _ “ Photography what a curious thing? “The art or practice of taking or processing photographs” A beautiful way of showing the place around you and expressing the people in your world.”
    A short piece explaining my love of photography and giving small ideas on how to find your escape from the rough world we live in. ( Really just a way to show off the days photos.)
  3. The decision is right“The right decision, what is that? Getting top grades and having qualifications, Is it to get into a top-class university and study everything you don’t want to be but will earn you well , Is it to get a top paid job that rips the happy out of you,
    Understading what a decision is and how on earth people can say they are right or wrong. Picking a path and understanding its a decision and only time will tell if it’s good or bad one.
  4. The myth of teen depression and social anxiety  _ My discovery into conquering depression and social anxiety has been an ongoing challenge for just over a year and a half, where I have had  many ups and downs throughout this period of time and struggled to keep myself a positive person.” 
    My theory of depression and how to overcome this in a way that parents can help their children fight this. Giving understanding that depression does exist in the younger generation and not everyone has childhood flare.
  5. The photos behind the name“Admire The Beautiful is a simple expression of how I’m trying to look at the world, a simple saying of what I’m looking at through my lens .”
    A simple piece of explanation of the words/ picture behind the name.
  6. The steps through faded eyes _ “A section of photography that shows the steps of a faded journey”
    Again just a simple piece to show off my pictures through the perioded of a normal working day, with added fade filter to represent the way many people will see the town that surrounds them.
  7. Discovering the 5 secrets to finding myself  _ “I’ve built my life on the dream of seeing the world, a simple way to find myself, perfect for my photography and being able to travel until I run out of money. But how on earth am I going to get myself onto that plane”
    Another piece to learning to finding myself and discovering a way to travel the world in many different steps. 5 to be exact.
  8. A sunset and rise away from happiness“The sunsets and sunrises are my favorite time of day and simply the most beautiful part. It’s where the day begins and the day ends, a time for beginnings and time to late the worst day go. It shows that an awful day can have a beautiful ending.” 
    My happiness within photos , the beautiful scenes in and around Sheffield and how the sun falls on the urban and rural surroundings.


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