Discovering the 5 secrets to finding myself

I’ve built my life on the dream of seeing the world, a simple way to find myself, perfect for my photography and being able to travel until I run out of money. But how on earth am I going to get myself onto that plane. 

The Top 5 places that I must see

Since I was little I wanted to fly, when I understood that wings weren’t an option for me and I gave up on being a pilot, As I could never afford to learn or haven’t ever been smart enough to do so. I’ve pictured the places I want to go and narrowed this list to the first 5 adventures I will go on my journey of discovery

I want to stay on a plane for 24 hours, so I’m able to see Sydney beach and explore Australian cities taking pictures as I step through the exciting new surroundings that I’ve so long to see throughout my life.So desperately want to yell for a taxi or have drinks at “Central Perk” (we all want to) in a place celebrities walk.  I want to dip in the blue lagoon discovering my every thought isn’t as bad as it seems and see the Northan Lights, realizing what true beauty is. And sit on the bench from “The fault in our stars” (a typical teen movie, you’ll cry) watching the world go by.


My planned ways to find me

I have a way to find who I am, discover my reasons of being here and become more confident within my own feet and this is it: A checklist of everything I aim to do and things that deeply scary me.

  • Befriend a stranger
  • Try their local beer and food
  • Try surfing
  • Go wind boarding
  • Take a holiday vlog
  • Swim deeply in the sea
  • Go Snorkeling
  • See many landmarks
  • Swim with dolphins / sharks
  • Find views nobody has seen before

If all goes well once completing this list of traveling hopes then I’ll become a more confident self and self that is comfortable in who they are. And I just hope I can discover this with my favorite person.

Ways to plan your trip of discovery img_4105

I’ve looked into where I’ll go and what I’ll do but it’s been hard when I have no money to do it but don’t want to work while over there to fund this madness trip of discovery.

I have found tickets around the world stopping off at different places and giving people the opportunity to make their own way from one place to other before jumping on another flight to the next place of adventure that has been specifically chosen for their ideal exploration.All that’s needed is a place to rest the head in each of the destinations.

This is just one of the possible options to see the world in one shot an option that will make flights/ destinations cheaper and easier to pick a route and under 26 discount what could make a better option than student discount.

There’s always the option of camp America or working abroad to help fund this wonderful once in a lifetime opportunity. Working in a pub,clubs or holidays reps to enjoy the full extent of the traveling experience.

Which will it be? 


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