The decision is right

The right decision, what is that? Getting top grades and having qualifications, Is it to get in to a top class university and study everything you don’t want to be but will earn you well , Is it to get a top payed job that rips the happy out of you, is it travelling the world even when you get home sick after leaving your home town because they want you to or  is it settling down and becoming dedicated to anything other than the happiness adventure you’ve  so longed for since you was a small child.


To me they aren’t the right choice and I recently discovered that  while watching a program called “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” on Netflix at work (yes I know I’m really dedicated to my working life but It’s been really slow lately and I finished IZombie so I had to pick something for the few days while everything is built back.)  and this rung through my head through out the day. Constantly replaying like a broken record, what on earth a right choice is for anybody including myself. How can anybody choose a ‘right choice’or ‘right decision’ because everything changes in a matter of seconds so by that what could be right at the moment will be / could be wrong at a different time in your life, surely?

I’ve struggled with the ‘right choice’ for a long time and I believe I will for a long time more. I’m on the verge of deciding to do things for me or for everyone else, if to make myself happy or everyone else because I know it makes me smile when everyone around me is happy , something I pride myself in achieving unfortunately I don’t take the same when thinking about myself. I don’t put myself first and foremost, I don’t have any decision for myself and I seem to more than likely have a left choice more than a right i’m afraid. I don’t know where I’m meant to be in life, what I actually want to achieve with who I am becoming and what I want to do with my whole entire life at every section:

  • Career
  • Self Belief
  •  Personal Life













How can we know what a ‘right choice’ is?

To answer that, I have no idea. I don’t think there is an answer I could possibly try to explain. I don’t think there is a way we can find a right choice there’s so many options for us to have, so many different paths we could possibly take:  great career, successful education and a welcoming home or possibly an adventurer, travel blogger and a messy one bedroom apartment we call home or maybe these are just different sections of the right choice in our life and we move around the right choice as we grow to become who we are meant to be or maybe the right choice isn’t something that is ever right because it’s always changing as our mind expands.


One thought on “The decision is right

  1. We make choices but we often don’t manage to live with the consequences of that choice and waste time regretting the choice if it’s one that turms out to be a ‘wrong’ choice. I guess life is like the movie Sliding Doors – whatever we choose will be the right decision just as it will be the wrong decision. So.. I guess it’s best to make choices following our gut instinct and they if they seem to be the ‘wrong’ decision to try to find the good that came from that decision.

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