The story of me and photography 

Photography what a curious thing? “The art or practice of taking or processing photographs” A beautiful way of showing the place around you and expressing the people in your world.

A hopeful photographer and  writer in the making as I like to see myself, a passionate and creative industry that has set a storm for success in the 21st century. This is how I spend many of the days I feel i need to smile (today is a prime example)  I went to Graves Park with my family and spent a lot of the time taking beautiful photos a simple joy I take so much pride in.

As everyone with a camera phone and an instagram thinks they’re a photographer (prime example of it is writing the blog) which is why such a thing can be so popular the art of taking photos is in what you capture not how you do it. I believe everyone can  see the beauty in the world and taking photos of it, is just one way of admiring this and sharing it along with many people.

The world isn’t all bright flowers and sunshine, which is why many people need a escape, to dive in to head first and forget about the pains and misery that follows life.This one small piece of creative identity is a way I’ve lessened my depression and become a more confident person. My very own hidden diving board, I’ve managed to escape behind a lens to capture and find my very own pieces of perfection. Like an artist will draw or a musician will create, everyone needs there little island of perfection.

How to find yours?

Do you already have that one thing that makes you truly happy, even when the days are bad and you’ve lost motivation. It could be a simple thing like singing in the shower or dancing in the kitchen. This is your escape from the horror that so easily surrounds our world. Can’t think of a thing?

  • Make a list of everything you enjoy _ simple things that make you smile instantly.
  • If you find enough, do one every day. _ Make it a daily bucket list
  • Try new things _ explore your happiness values and what could be the next escape.
  • Learn new hobbies _ Drawing , sewing, writing, singing. Doesn’t matter if your the next Pablo Picasso or not.
  • Once you find it, DO IT and DO IT AGAIN _ Do this everyday or whenever you need to escape from the world.

An escape is something everyone deserve, the world is a tough place to keep your head held high all your life. But don’t let your tiara slip to far down.

Day 2 of 30 days blogging

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