The Grass Is Always Greener

I always think it’d be much better if I ran away to  somewhere where no one knew my name or just somewhere I’ve never been and not come back until everything’s okay, but then I remember that  ‘The grass is always greener on the other side‘, it’s a common thing to think and I do it every single day of my young life.


This one  fact is the only one  I  assure you  everyone thinks, it’s probably worse than ‘we need to talk’ it panics me on the inside because I know it’s probably true, running away from things doesn’t make it better and everybody want’s something they don’t have or somebody else’s always looks better than their own. It’s how our brain works as a human  race and it’s seems extremely petty if you ask me. We are all both self obsessed and self hated beings. We are very much in love with ourselves but still hating every single thing about us, it’s a problem we all face from day to day.


I took this a few years ago, on a walk to our bench. I saw this and thought it was beautiful so I made the one photo into three photos and layered them over each other to create a shadowing effect of the photo.

We want and want and want there’s no escaping it, we were crafted to be this way and that’s okay because everyone’s the same everyone wants to be the very best, to be admired, to make someone proud and love themselves which is perfectly normal behaviour for us because who wouldn’t want to inspire, be loved and make proud  it’s a massive stroke to the ever needy ego we all have buried within us.

As I’ve learnt it’s harder to put in place the self obsessed, go getter and make proud part of us than what it is to say in a split second of realization that what the human race is all about and how we think, I knew it’s a hard section for everyone to master. Which I think is why so many people suffer because they haven’t been blessed with high thoughts, greater opportunities  or to be surrounded by people that are constantly big them up as a person.

I struggled with being able to think in any way of positive but so longed to do all the things  be able to;

  • Inspire
  • Make proud
  • Be Loved and love extremely
  • And be the reason for just on smile

img_2886 Unable to achieve this leads to many hours of self hatred and overpowering guilt for bothering to even think about giving self obsessive love to ourselves. I know it’s hard to over come the guilt for trying to love yourself in this world because everyone in this society is so against self love because apparently it makes you a bad person if you shout about it but an attention seeker if you hate yourself and shout about that too.

It’s a world we live in that has a messed up flare of bringing even the strongest people down, unfortunately we have become to feel it’s the norm for us, we’ve been brought up in this world and we aren’t about to change this fact because we just don’t have the guts to do it we are species of habit, or just plain lazy and don’t seem to care about bringing one another down.

And I’d like to give my love to everybody, and let them know that the grass may look greener on the other side, but believe me, it’s just as hard to cut.  – Little Richard



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