Time Capsules, Buried Memories and Future Self

It’s always being my trouble looking in to the past,I seem to dwell on it sometimes and it could ruin many things in my life yet i still go and think back to times I’ve wronged or someone else has and overthink them a millions times over pulling my hair out in the process. Sometimes I’ll forget them but they’ll just pop up in the midst of my life, I’ll be shopping or on the toilet and they’ll fly back. I cringe as they replay in my head, this happens to everyone right. ~I’m not crazy~

So I think this is simple the most perfect thing for me to do now and in the future as I’m taking adventures but they’ll probably living in my loft/ attic instead of buried below/ behind like they should.

I’ll start by simply writing a letter to myself, but i’m in patient to wait like 20 years so I’m gunner start small and build up.

Thursday 9th June 2016

A letter to my one year older self. (it’s gunner be pathetic don’t worry)


I’m really hoping for a future me to come back and tell me I don’t need to be worried about being lame and dorky for the rest of my life because it only gets better but I fully understand I’m going to be lame and dorky for the rest of my life and unfortunately not even a miracle could ever change that so I guess it’s out of the window.

I know I’m going to look back at this and cringe because it’s lame (and again for saying lame.) I know this because frankly I look back at many things I did 2 months ago and cringe never-mind a whole year.

There’s not many things I’d hope for myself in a year because I’m shocked I’ve made it. I just hope that I’ve found happiness or at least some small fragment of content. That I’ve seen a small section of the world I’ve never seen before and gone on adventures, laughed, smiled and loved more than I could imagine throughtout the year. I wish I could know that I don’t hurt anymore that there’s light at the end of the tunnel, that I can stop picking up blades or wishing for my death. Wishing that I’m finally good enough. 

You best have got that tattoo already, you are wanting it so bad but scared af right now just make sure you get it if not already. It proves you can fight and not for anybody else but yourself.  Right now you are the type of person that needs every bit of encouragement they can get.

An arrow through a diamond symbol can represent courage as one moves forward.

An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.

At least I know that I’ll have found something by now and that small thought gives me comfort  , I understand the fight won’t be over yet but maybe I’ll have something. 

I hope that I could find something that I want to do for the rest of my life because I’m never gunner be able to retire not until my brain is fried probably.

I hope I’m making just one person fully proud or inspired.

And I really hope I’m still getting drunk even when I swore I never would…

Thursday 9th June 2016

A letter to my five year older self. (I was awkward I know it gets worse)


I hope in 2021 you are smoking hot and for god sake I hope you feel it. I hope that you walk around like everybody wants you for once in your life never compare yourself to others and feel below everyone in this world because you’re not. 

I hope you are still with him and I hope your planning your life for happiness. That you’ve got everything going right , it’s hard sometimes but your making it. 

I hope that you are successful in anything we wanted, I hope you look back and think I’m strong for doing this not pathetic.

Must dos

  • Travel 
  • Get tattoos 
  • Buy a car
  • Be renting a place 
  • Be body confident 
  • Be content 
  • Still have crazy colourful hair 
  • Taking photos everyday 
  • Loving whatever I end up doing 
  • Still be in love 

We can fight anything that turns up, especially now we’ve fought ourselves and hurt ourselves we can beat anything. 

insert hot picture 
I hope I’m not too lame. 


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