Spontaneous Adventure

I had a bad day today and was feeling rather badly blue. So we took a spontaneous trip.

Of course it was set up to be a wonderful surprise by him to change my day completely and it worked.( I don’t know how he does it) I walked with sheep, took beautiful photos of rural landscapes and finally settled down for a lovely bit of grub before home to bake for my nephews birthday. ( exciting)

He spoils me rotten and keeps me a spoilt girlfriend o don’t know how he does it..

This is us by the way


An awkward quick stop at the lights selfie for us, no time for cuteness. We’ve been together over two years and have the typical young teen romance of meeting in school. But I think it’s got to mean something when we’ve watched many fail and we’re still posing at lights.

We have a little blue car called Penfold that is taking us on many more little ‘adventures’ before our time is up. He’s pretty cool even though he’s old and makes a few noise it can get to speed in no time.



Anyway, I decided that my happiness is him, friends, family and photos so that’s what I’ll be doing.

I couldn’t help but take photos today though , it was just beautiful the forever hills and marathons of fields to explore, who could resist? So rural photos are to be splashed all over this page.

Rural Beauty to follow :

Ever want to see a little village with  shops and pubs to create the little social atmosphere everyone needs. And views that can take breaths away I would recommend Castleton it’s not far from Sheffield and can make even the worst days seem ok.


Thank you for my little paradise you create for me everyday.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”

Dorothea Lange



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