It’s just the beginning…

This all started over three years ago when my passion for stringing words together really began, throughout my childhood I hadn’t stuck for one dying passion. I went through different ideas on the daily basis from Being a boy named Jo when I grew up to flying planes and even stumbled on the idea of tattooing, never understanding I had to be able to draw to ink someone’s skin. I first decided to start a blog when I left college heartbroken that what I thought was my passion was suddenly being ripped away from me in front of my tear filled eyes.

College wasn’t the place for me, I struggled through the first year and we decided it would be best for me if I left after the first year was over. I left with the idea that I would magically stumble in to journalism and become a writer and of course live happily ever after like all stories generally do. Unfortunately I fell in to depression, anxiety and loss. When I was told that I wasn’t mentally prepared to become a writer I took that as a sign to give up and settle for something I could manage. Normally there would be a tail of how this pushed me on to achieve bigger and better things proving them people wrong. But for me I couldn’t and still can’t get it out of my head that maybe I’m not mentally prepared to be a writer and deal with the high amount of rejections, ignores or writers block that comes along with trying to make it in the writing community.

Fast forwarding several years I am now ready to try and pursue this side of my creative flare. If only as a side line to what I want to achieve I’m ready to use this platform to look forward, create debates and explore ideas of many different types not purely focused on poor mental health issues although these will be common issues but less self absorbed than before.

I’ve recreated this blog to express the thoughts when my brain will let me, highlighting the struggles poor mental health has on many people along the way. Like I say it’s just the beginning…


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